Welcome to A.E. Johnson Agency

Our purpose is to generate value for clients by caring for their needs in the domains of tax, accounting, and financial planning. Through this activity, we strive to show up as a Welcoming Presence.

Founded in 1989 to provide bookkeeping services to local co-ops, demand for our help grew and our palette of services expanded. A.E. Johnson Agency Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. provides a broad range of tax preparation, tax planning, accounting, and business consulting services. Personal financial planning and investment management services are available from A.E. Johnson Agency Financial Services, Inc.

We are privileged to serve a fine array of progressive organizations and individuals. Our clients are an eclectic blend of people, but we see one unifying theme – all of them strive to improve their communities. It’s not just about making money. It's about doing so in a way that enhances lives while generating benefit for Self, Others, and the World.

There are hundreds of very qualified practitioners available to you, including us. Having established that your prospective provider is competent, you should select a service provider with whom you can speak candidly without fear of judgment. We believe that’s what you’ll find when we welcome you at A.E. Johnson Agency.